GLF ‘Drop a Dress Size’ SALISBURY

A Nutrition, Lifestyle & Workout programme in SALISBURY to…Drop a Dress Size in 4wks!!!

A weekly weigh-in with complete nutritional advice for effective weight loss, PLUS 2 extra ultimate fat blasting bootcamp sessions. Great for those who need a kick-start in dropping a dress size with 100% SUCCESS RATE!!!

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Book onto any of our individual Bootcamp sessions anytime, at a PAYG price of £4.00 per session. Or to book onto the next 4 week programme, get in touch with us….ONLY £65 for 4wks!!!….

OR if you don’t need the bootcamps why not try the NUTRITION & LIFESTYLE sessions ONLY Mondays @ 8pm £40!!


Alice Ridley July 2016-

I have now completed the drop a dress size and I am feeling amazing ( cringe you are thinking , but it is so true.) I am no longer crashed out on the sofa at 7 once the children are in bed but have so much energy I am actually enjoying an evening with my husband or doing an exercise class, Just because of what I am putting into my body , I love it. I no longer get head aches which I had most days and I don’t get that bloated bad tummy after eating! The food program that you follow throughout the process is very well designed, it’s easy to follow ( even for people that think they can’t cook ) it’s affordable and it’s realistic. I am now two weeks out of the 4 week program and my self and family are still eating the way we ate for the four weeks. I am never hungry , dehydrated or hangry!!!! If you are struggling to loose weight and exercise I cannot recommend the girls love fit team enough!!


Kirsty Dunne-

Thanks to the glf team for re-educating me with healthy eating and positive thinking! I started with the glf girls Oct 2012 a large size 16 and i am currently a smaller 12! And still loosing!!!! I never used to like exercising always had an excuse waiting but now i love it! My life has changed!! For the better! Alex and Jenny you are both truly an inspiration Thankyou both for all your hard work in helping me with my goals past and present…..long may it continue!


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