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Drop a Dress Size Online March 2013

“I’ve been following the GLF DDS Online programme for the last month and I’m THRILLED with the results!  In total I lost 10lbs and my size 12 skinny jeans which were too tight a month ago are now on the loose side!  To anyone out there who is unhappy with their weight and/or unhealthy lifestyle I urge you to do this!!!” – Lilli Badcock

“I made it!!! 5.1kgs and 17 and a half inches  lost! 4 weeks of hard work has paid off and I am very proud of myself! I am a new person and would like to thank the GLF Team for their support throughout the programme! – Sharon O’sullivan

Launch special offer!

To celebrate the launch of Drop a Dress Size Online, we’re running an exclusive launch offer of £49.00 for a limited time only! Get in quick to take advantage of this fit-tastic offer!

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Signing up couldn’t be easier! You can buy online immediately using PayPal by clicking the button below. That’s it!!! You’ll receive an email from the Drop a Dress Size team welcoming you onto the programme – then it’s time to get the Drop a Dress Size party started!